Vietnamese fruits: The ten billion-dollar aspiration


According to statistics of the General Department of Customs, Vietnam’s fruit export output to the world markets has gained positive signals regardless of the Covid19 epidemic. With available potentials, Vietnamese fruits can ultimately achieve the goal of export reaching 10 billion USA.

Absolutely, behind the outstanding achievement is the journey to overcome difficulties and silent efforts of pioneering enterprises.

Vietnamese fruits penetrate more than sixty nations successfully

In the first months of 2020, the world economy fluctuated enormously due to the unpredictable changes from the Covid19 epidemic. All countries globally, including Vietnam, have suffered heavy losses in their export sectors in general. Fortunately, the export industry is flourishing again.

In that general picture, fruits are considered an outstanding “bright spot” of the entire agricultural sector. They would continue to have breakthroughs bringing high turnover for the whole farming industry.

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Specifically, while the total import turnover of Chinese in Vietnam decreased by 29%, most other markets have increased imports in the first months of 2020. Accounting for 35% and 424 million USA of the total, dragon fruits have the largest proportion compared to the others. Vietnamese green cavendish banana follows it reached over 83 million USD, accounting for 6.8%. Followed by other fruits such as watermelon, durian, and longan are also exported to other countries.

Vietnamese fruits are now available in more than 60 countries and territories. In recent years, the fruit industry has also actively opened many fastidious markets such as the US, EU, Japan, Canada. This result contributes to improving Vietnamese agricultural products’ reputation, facilitating access to other markets worldwide, contributing to market diversification, and motivating producers towards product orientation.

The Journey ” go abroad” of Vietnamese fruits

Many fruit export companies must admit that this is a very arduous process that requires perseverance.

Stemming from the idea of sustainable development, many companies began to study the criteria for entering Europe. It is a GlobalGAP (global good agricultural practice standard) certification. “It took us a full year of research for us to start growing passion fruit according to GlobalGAP standards.”said one business owner.

But in the end, their hard work paid off. Many Vietnamese fruits are exported worldwide at a fantastic price and have received positive feedback on its quality.

The ten billion-dollar aspiration

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development- Le Quoc Doanh commented: “With the current growth rate and the advantages we have, our tropical fruits industry can completely hit the export milestone reaching 10 billion USD.”

For the fruit industry to continue rolling new milestones in the coming years, the Government, departments, and branches will negotiate with other countries on tax rates, negotiate a trade agreement to make Vietnam’s tax rate competitive, technical barriers. At the same time, we also need to focus on researching key fruit varieties to improve productivity and product quality.

Moreover, the development of agricultural products for export needs the involvement of more and more scientists. Science must do researches, associate with products and markets, accepted by enterprises, not placed in laboratories.

The year 2021 would be a bright picture of fruit market when farming and thinking in agriculture have changed.

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