Vietnam Green Cavendish Banana: Step-by-step dominate the market

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In recent years, Green Cavendish Banana in Viet Nam is much in demand in some competitive markets such as America, Japan, Russia, Dubai. Along with that, we are constantly improving sustainable cooperation with China. Banana cultivation area now expands over 100,000 ha, accounting for 19% of the total area of fruit trees and an output of about 1.4 million tons per year to satisfy export needs.

Banana has long been the most important agriculture export product, which help Vietnam always in the top banana exporting countries in the world. The main reason is that compared to other crops, bananas are relatively easy to grow and preserve, with the time from cultivation to harvest taking only about 8 months. Moreover, banana productivity is much higher than those of other fruits and industrial crops.

According to 2019 Vietnam export statistics, Vietnam’s banana exports to Russia reached 919 tons,  worth US $ 1.8 million, up 141.2% in volume and nearly 153% in value over the same period in 2018. The average import value of bananas from Vietnam reaching $1,971.5 per ton, up 4.8%, is the highest among any other country.

Japan is also a potential market. After a long time of negotiation, Japanese businesses directly visited some Vietnam production facilities and tested the products. They were very pleased with its sweet flavor and stunning visuals, so Vietnamese bananas were exported at good prices with great frequency. Every day, many companies export 3-4  containers of about 20 tons of fresh bananas to Japan by sea. All of these items get positive feedback from the Japanese consumers of all ages.

China still keeps the no. 1 ranking on Vietnam’s green cavendish banana export capacity. The China purchasing quantity from Vietnamese exporting companies accounts for about 15% of the total import value. In the first eight months of 2019, China imported nearly 200,000 tons of bananas from Vietnam, worth more than $86 million, up 101.3% in volume, and 76.7% in value over the same period in 2018.

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Vietnamese bananas account for 15% of China’s banana imports. (Source:http//


Although the consumption for bananas in China is enormous but they are increasingly setting more and more standards from 2019, this market begins to tighten up its food sanitation management and hygiene conditions. Another key point to mention, the price of bananas in China is reluctant, which means many unavoidable risks to not only fruit export companies but local farmers as well.

Nowadays, Vietnamese businesses make efforts to promote production technology especially preservation methods, expand cultivation to ensure quantity and quality of production. Furthermore, they also plan to supply seeds and open training courses on new planting techniques, pest control for bananas to the local farmer; aiming to meet both domestic and international markets.

Eco-Fruits works closely with local farmers across Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to ensure the product quality. We’re capable of providing high quality Green Cavendish Banana at a reasonable price to many markets around the globe. Contact us for quotations and collaborating opportunities.

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