Macadamia Nuts

quality macadamia nuts
quality macadamia nuts
macadamia nuts
high-quality macadamia nuts
Macadamia on tree
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Macadamia Eco-Fruits

  • Types:
    • Kernel (without shell)
    • Nuts in cracked shells (open by hands)
    • Nuts in cracked shells (open by tools)
    • Raw macadamia nuts
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Size: S, M, L (18-33mm)
  • Packaging: Vacuum Bag 125gr/250gr/500gr; On Request

Macadamia, which known as “Queen of nuts”, is a famous specialty of Australia. The nut has a tough shell, thick flesh estimating for three centimeters, and sweet flavor.

In Viet Nam, macadamia became an experimental planting since 1994 with more than 20 test model, receiving numerous outstanding achievements.

According to the publication of Wenkhan and Milerin in 1965, the macadamia contains a significant amount of essential substances for the immune system: fat, sugar compounds, protein, water, etc.

Macadamia also helps provide omega 3, omega 6, omega 9. All of which is in charge of supporting to circulate blood, avoid hypertension disease, and enhance memories.

The crop is high in MUFA (monounsaturated fats), which promotes the process of eliminating lousy cholesterol and increase the good of that concurrently.

Moreover, the high fat and lower sugar content make macadamia ideal for nutritional supplements, healthy eating, especially in weight-loss diets.

Eco-fruits provides high-quality macadamia nuts originated in Vietnam. The nuts are dried to around 2% then be manually cracked for quality control purposes. Eco-Fruits provides kernel in various size; nuts in cracked shells which are able to open by hands without tools; nuts in cracked shells which are opened by tools; and raw macadamia nuts.

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