Fress lime
Fress lime
Fress lime
Vietnamese lime

  • Type: Seeded; Seedless
  • Size: S, M (16~20 pieces/kilogram)
  • Packaging: 7kg Carton Box; On requests

Lime stands out from other circus fruits over the world. It is typically round, bright green with the ideal sour juice content.

This fruit categorizes into two types, including seedy lime and seedless lime. In particular, seedless lime has properties of parthenocarpic fruit, so their flowers don’t require pollinating, leading to its zero seeds.

Viet Nam becomes the perfect area for lime to be cultivated and multiply thanks to the tropical climate. Nowadays, Vietnamese lime is one of the most important agriculture items with stable output and high export value.

Lime is high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. These are vital nutrient which enables the immune system to produce more cells and protect the body resistant to illnesses effectively.

The juice inside lime can strengthen liver function by increasing the production of a bile acid, which needed for digestion. Hence, it makes a great contribution to detoxify and avert cirrhosis of the liver. The best-supplemented way is to combine lime juice with honey, some mint leaves, ginger, or cinnamon.

Additionally, lime water is associated with managing your weight. It contains citric acids which can boost metabolism quickly, supporting you burn more calories and lessen stored fat.

Another benefit of this fruit is that it helps to reduce heart diseases. Potassium in lime can naturally lower blood pressure, control blood circulation, and cut down the risk of a heart attack and stroke simultaneously.

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