Frozen Fruits

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frozen mango
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Frozen Durian Pulp
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  • Types:
    • Block
    • IQF
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Packaging: On Request

If your favorite fruits are out of season or you do not eat fruit items immediately after buying, frozen fruits are the best choice for you. In Viet Nam, it is on-trend in the F&B industry. Every year, a growing number of frozen fruits exports to many countries over the world and receives positive feedback.

Frozen fruits classify into IQF fruits and Block fruits. Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) is a freezing technique for smaller pieces and takes just a few minutes. This short freezing prevents the formation of large ice crystals in fruit cells, which poses a threat to the membrane structures at the molecular level. Besides, Block fruits are processed by an innovative method for a large volume. This aims to improve product quality through rapid freezing.

Ali Bouzari, a culinary researcher suggests that out of different methods of preservation, freezing ranks first. Some substances like riboflavin, vitamin E, and vitamin C are very well preserved during the freezing process. Additionally, freezing plays an instrumental role in changing the structure of the fiber. This makes fruits softer, easier to chew and keep maximum freshness at the same time.

Frozen fruits are usually chosen at the highest ripeness stage with the most nutrient content. Hence, some nutrients are locked up immediately after freezing and lost very slowly over time. Apart from maintaining vital nutrients and vitamins, frozen fruits also contain beneficial plant compounds that help protect against diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc.

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