Frozen Fruits

If your favorite fruits are out of season or you do not eat fruit items immediately after buying, frozen fruits are the best choice for you. They’re just as nutritious or even superior to fresh fruits, a fact supported by some reliable studies. In Viet Nam, it is on-trend in the F&B industry. Every year, a growing number of frozen fruits are exported to many countries over the world and receive positive feedback. 

In Eco-fruits, we classify Frozen fruits into two main types: Frozen fruits IQF and Frozen fruits puree. 

  • About Frozen fruits IQF, in general, Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) is a freezing technique for smaller pieces and takes just a few minutes. This short freezing prevents the formation of large ice crystals in fruit cells, which poses a threat to the membrane structures at the molecular level. Our IQF product is 100% natural from fully ripe fruit in the best varieties. Each product will be manually sorted, rigorously selected, and package carefully before delivery to customers.
  • In terms of Frozen fruits puree, the pureed method is to process food into thick and completely smooth with no lumps or variation in texture. This product is more favored by the customer in pastry and beverage services. Due to our excellent expertise and extensive fruit knowledge, we can produce our purees using a smooth method that is tailored to each fruit. The main natural recipe will be a minimum of 90% fruit content combined with slightly sweetened and white cane sugar to increase the taste of the product.

Frozen fruits are chosen at the highest ripeness stage with the most nutrient content. Hence, some nutrients are locked up immediately after freezing and lost very slowly over time. Apart from maintaining vital nutrients and vitamins, frozen fruits also contain beneficial plant compounds that help protect against diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. Each type of frozen fruit will satisfy whatever you need. While IQF fruits are suitable for snacks like yogurt or help you expand your daily menu with some special dishes, the puree will be the best choice for smoothies, desserts, or plate decoration. Especially, puree requires no chewing and is easier to swallow than other foods, therefore it is extremely good for people who have problems chewing or swallowing (dysphagia), such as a weak or slow tongue. 

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