Eco-Friendly Straws

Eco-Friendly Straws
Eco-Friendly Straws
Bamboo Straws

  • Varieties:
    • Bamboo Straws
    • Grass Straws
    • Rice Straws
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Packaging: On request


Facing the risk of plastic waste, the use of eco-friendly straws instead of plastic straws seems to become inevitable. Eco-friendly straws are diverse in both types and prices, but the most popular are bamboo straws, rice straws, and grass straws. In common, these straws are harmless to the environment and can decompose in a short time.

1. Bamboo Straws

Because the primary material is bamboo, bamboo straws are the optimal choice because of its hard body and durability. The raw materials go through cutting, drying, drying, and finally, lightly gouging the ends to create sophistication.

Shape: The length and size are equivalent to a standard bamboo straw 20cm, diameter 7-8mm, so it is quite comfortable to use.

Using and preservation: It can be reused many times and still retains color and shape. Bamboo straws can perverse easily at room temperature. People can reuse this type of straw many times without worrying about mold and bacteria problems.

2. Rice straws

The main ingredients of rice straws are rice starch and tapioca. Besides, they are mixed with food coloring extracted from 100% natural vegetables and fruits. It has several outstanding advantages, typically edibility.

Shape: The usual length ranges from about 15-22cm, diameter about 6-12mm.

Using and preservation: Rice straws can use once. If using hot water will take about 15-20 minutes, the straw will soften, inflate, and break.

3. Grass straws

The grass is a natural ingredient that is available and easy to produce. The production process starts with collecting raw materials, cleaning, cleaning, and cutting shapes.

Shape: The straw is about 18-20cm in length, 4.5-6.5mm in diameter with a beveled tip and a flat head.

Using and preservation: Grass straws can be used one to three times. Dried grass straws can be store at room temperature for up to six months. Fresh grass straws can be store in a refrigerator from 18-20 °C for up to ten days.

Fitting with Eco-Fruits’ core values and taking advantage of raw materials for production, Eco-Fruits actively promotes the production and export of environmentally friendly straws to meet the domestic and foreign demand. It is not only for economic purposes but also a great move to contribute to environmental protection and a sustainable society. Contact us for quotations and more information.

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