Durian 14
Durian 14
Durian on tree
Fresh Durian Fruit
Frozen Durian Pulp
Frozen Durian Pulp
Frozen Durian Pulp

  • Varieties: Monthong; Ri6
  • Types:
    • Fresh
    • Frozen whole piece
    • Frozen pulp
  • Size: 2-4.5kg/piece.
  • Origin: Vietnam.
  • Packaging:
    • Fresh/Frozen whole piece: 4-6 pieces/12 kg box.
    • Frozen pulp: 454gr(16 OZ)/500gr/On request.

Durian is an exclusively tropical fruit. It can grow well in areas where the level of humidity varies between 75 and 80 percent and the temperature ranges from 24 to 32 degrees Celsius. Durian cannot be planted in areas where the daily temperature drops below 22 degrees. Vietnam, with its rich humid climate and just enough warmth, is a wonderful place to grow this fruit.

Much like other tropical fruits in Vietnam, i.e. jackfruit, avocado, mango and banana, durian is rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins. One hundred grams of durian consists of 63mg phosphorus, 20mg calcium, 601mg potassium, 0.9mg iron, 10IU vitamin A, 37mg vitamin C, and about 1.5mg vitamin B. As such, this fruit is a perfect external source for resupplying essential vitamins for your body.

Besides its unusual aroma, durian is also famous for many health benefits. This benefit gives durian the title “The king of tropical fruits”. Durian can cure insomnia thanks to its tryptophan substance inside, an essential synthetic amino acid that can be released and increase the level of melatonin in a perfectly natural way. The significant amount of carbohydrates in this fruit can also give a great source of energy for people. Moreover, durian provides potassium which can stimulate the nervous system’s neurotransmitter serotonin and helps you feel more relaxed and much happier.

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