Black Pepper

Organic Black Pepper
Organic Black Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Pepper
Black Pepper
USDA Organic

  • Varieties: Organic Black Pepper
  • Density: 500gl min
  • Moisture: 13% max
  • Admixture: 0.5% max

Black pepper is native to present-day in South India, multiplying rapidly in tropical conditions. Currently, Viet Nam is the largest producer and exporter of back pepper globally. The export volume and value of pepper in the first quarter of 2020 reached up to 74,000 tons and 163 million USD.

The present of piperine help strengthens the useability of nutrient, including vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene brings many benefits to human beings. Piperine fosters the transaction between amino acid in the bowel, limit harmful enzyme, create the right conditions for metabolism.

Besides, black pepper plays an important role in heightening secreting hydrochloric acid content in the stomach, support clearing toxins inside the body, and stimulate the digestion efficiently.

Some scientists also illustrate that piperine substance finds in black pepper is the natural medicine for depression symptoms. Moreover, eating it regularly will help your brain active efficiently, and drop off the risk of depression.

Due to its value antioxidants, black pepper uses as the traditional treatment to prevent cancer, especially bowel cancer and breast cancer.

Eco-Fruits supplies ORGANIC black pepper, follows USDA, EU, Japan (JAS) organic standards with related certifications. At Eco-fruits, we always consider product quality as our core value for development. The different steps in the manufacturing process are rigorously monitored to ensure high quality in all products.

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