Bird’s Eye Chilli

Bird's Eye Chilli
Bird's Eye Chilli
Bird’s Eye Chilli
Red Bird's Eye Chilli
bird's eye chili tree
bird's eye chilli
Bird’s Eye Chilli

  • Varieties: Bird’s Eye Chilli
  • Size: Small Size
  • Scoville Heat Units: 100,000SHU
  • Packaging: On request

Bird’s eye chili, bird eye chili, or bird’s chili is a chili pepper, a famous species of Capsicum, generally cultivated in Ethiopia and across Southeast Asia.

On the outside, this type of chili is cone-shaped, sunburnt skin, and bear a resemblance to one eye. Nowadays, bird’s eye chili is favored widely by its unique spice, very hot but not too pungent.

In Viet Nam, bird’s eye chili provides a vital livelihood for part of the population, especially the mountainous area. Easy cultivation methods, high productivity make this plant become lucrative and promising harvest in the future.

The spice is rich in capsaicin, which associated with relieving pain, treating arthritis, and strengthening nerve in the human body.

Following the traditional experience, bird’s eye chili is used as an ingredient of folk remedy for flatulence, toothache, indigestion, or even when being bitten by a mosquito.

Bird’s chili also brings many benefits to agriculture safety. Diluting powder spice is the perfect alternative to pesticides. Hence, the farmer can exterminate bugs effectively as well as ensure food hygiene conditions., improve product quality.

Besides, the habit of eating chili helps the body control insulin levels in the blood, which is very beneficial for those with diabetes. Significantly, eating more chili will keep balance blood sugar levels and reduce up to 60% of blood sugar compared with those who did not eat.

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