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About us


ECO-FRUITS is a fruit, nut, and spice distributor in South East Asia. We export high-quality agricultural products from Vietnam and some Southeastern Asia countries to wholesalers around the world.

Eco-Fruits was established to provide high-quality, nutritious, and delicious tropical fruits, nuts, and spices from Vietnam and some neighboring countries to global markets at a reasonable price. At Eco-Fruits, we understand that “there is enough for everyone”; thus, Eco-Fruits works on the benefits of not only its shareholders but also customers, local farmers, and all other related parties.

Currently, Eco-Fruits is expanding to reach more customers worldwide. By the end of 2018, Vietnamese fruits and vegetables were reached by only about 60 markets around the globe, while the potential is still great beyond the line.

Domestically, Eco-Fruits is working closely with local farmers to increase the yield, quality, and value of Vietnamese agricultural products. Particularly, we are increasing the rate of farms applying VietGAP and GLOBALG.A.P.; standardizing all the growing, harvesting, and packaging processes. We aim to provide products with the highest quality to the global customers along with increasing the work values of local farmers as well.

Our vision


To become a leading fruit, nut, and spice exporter in the region with world-class brands.

Our mission


Offering consumers worldwide the best agricultural products in terms of quality, taste, and nourishment.

Outstanding value

Why choose us?


4 Core Values (B-E-S-T) are the foundations upon which ECO-FRUITS builds its sustainable brand and the profound beliefs of customers to achieve our strategic goals at the present and in the future.


Always seeking to become better and add more value to people.


Being effective in working without wasting time, effort, or expense.


Growing in an eco-friendly path with respect to the natural environment.


Building partnerships based on trust.

Sustainable Development Strategy


At Eco-Fruits, we commit ourselves to maintain prosperity for humanity and the ecosystem. This is the vision – mission and our guide to create a positive change we desire for the world we live – a common house for everyone, a healthier, happier and more prosperous world.

Eco-Fruits believes that sustainable development and business always go hand in hand. We integrate sustainable development into our strategic business operation, improve competitive capabilities while also bring long-term interests to our stakeholders, the natural environment, and society.

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