5 extraordinary benefits of star anise

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Star anise belongs to the plant family Umbillifereae (like carrots, celery, and parsley). Although it is small in shape, it contains countless benefits. Let’s see what great uses this spice has!

1. Detoxify tea

Although star anise is used in small amounts, it contains a number of important micronutrients. It is particularly high in iron. We all know that iron is necessary for the body’s production of healthy blood cells. It also includes trace amounts of manganese, a mineral that acts as an antioxidant and is required for the body’s metabolism.

Star anise tea can help prevent and treat diseases like menstrual pain, insomnia, stress relief, fatigue, pain relief, blood sugar balance, and water retention.

2. Improve diabetes

People with diabetes should drink star anise tea every day, in addition to following a strict diet that includes foods with a high glycemic index. This spice has a stimulating effect, promoting insulin production to balance blood sugar and reduce blood fat, thereby effectively assisting in the reduction of disease symptoms.

3. Treatment of depression

Depression is a common debilitating condition that affects up to 25% of women and 12% of men worldwide. According to one study, a star anise extract exhibited powerful antidepressant properties and was as effective as a common prescription drug used to treat depression. Furthermore, taking 3 grams of anise powder three times daily was effective in reducing symptoms of postpartum depression in another study of 107 people.

4. Enhance blood sugar control

According to some studies, Anethol, the active ingredient in star anise, can help control blood sugar when combined with a healthy diet.

Anethole reduced high blood sugar levels in diabetic rats in a 45-day study by changing the levels of several important enzymes. Anethole also improves the function of pancreatic insulin-producing cells.

5. Antibacterial Benefits

Another significant medicinal benefit of star anise is its ability to inhibit bacterial growth, which has been linked to a number of common illnesses.

According to some studies, star anise extract is as effective as antibiotics against a variety of drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria. This could be especially useful in the development of new antibiotic medications in the future.

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